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Photography Studio

uploadsnapuploadsnap subscriber Posts: 1
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Hi, I am David and I have had many ideas in my life time for businesses but after getting married and working through several of the ideas we have decided to make one of the ideas a reality. The basics of our idea is a photography studio with an online presences. We do not want to give out too many details for giving away the uniqueness but if you are interested in more details feel free to request more. We are also accepting help on getting the ball rolling in the right direction; any advice is appreciated. So far I have started doing research and working on a business plan based off SBA`s website however here are a few questions that have come up I am unsure of.
1. What is the best way to get an estimate for remodeling of a retail front? I have contacted serveral construction and remodeling companies but none have sent back and quotes.
2. What is the best way to get quotes for health insurance for employees for the company? I have contacted serveral and again like the construction companies no response.
Also, I figured I would put a small completion list here so others can give us suggestions on anything we are missing.
- Reseach cost for a full year running the business without any profit
- Cost of construction, equipment, chairs, and extra misc
- Found some local retail store fronts we like and drew a model within the square footage
- Cost of legal fees, licences, etc
- Website already taken care of because I am a web developer
And last but not least, the reason for choose this business is my wife has 3+ years professional photography and I have 7+ years of web development experience. So please no responses about we can build you a website.
uploadsnap9/8/2008 1:12 AM


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    jennieloujennielou subscriber Posts: 1
    Hello, I just wanted to post an opinion and suggestion. Perhaps with all that you plan to do as a startup you would want to investigate the idea of a NPO with the future idea of becoming a FPO. It could waylay costs and assist in establishing yourselves and your market. Thereby at least putting in mind 2 of your 4 points: 
    - Cost of full year running the business without any profit- Cost of legal fees, licences, etc - in that these fees would have to be paid whether for profit or non profitand I built my own website... have a nice day .... 
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    uploadsnapuploadsnap subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you for your post. In reference to my post:
    - Cost of full year running the business without any profit
    What I meant was I am putting enough money assigned in my expenses to allow us to go for a whole year without profit but we plan to immediate start making money. This just allows us to make sure we have enough to sustain ourselves through the first year and into the second.
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    jennieloujennielou subscriber Posts: 1
    My mistake - thanks for clarifying your post and intentions - very prudent of you to consider the options that you have and taken steps to prevent disaster... I think you have covered your own bases and have a great grip on your responsibilities... 
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