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RichDadEnthusiastRichDadEnthusiast subscriber Posts: 1
edited November 2006 in Website Critique
Site - www.investorteams.com</A>
purpose - to provide a free resource to investors looking to increase their financial literacy. We also help service professionals like accountants, attorneys, mortgage brokers market their services to our investor network.
Co-Founder and CEO, InvestorTeams.com


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    newbiesecuritynewbiesecurity subscriber Posts: 1
    I like the concept of your site being a rich dad fan myself.  A couple of things I might change to improve the user experienceOn the "Join Now" page, I would prefer to see that page https.  If I am going to be submitting my personal information over the internet, I appreciate when those asking for the information are considerate enough to encrypt it.  Same goes for user sign in.On your home page, the entire picture for "Investor Resources" should be clickable and not just the tiny "Start Now" bar.  Same for the other pictures.  This would allow the users to navigate faster.  The news bits at the bottom of the page say "more" but it just takes me to  the "Join Now" page.  I would like to see a couple free examples before joining.No links to "About Us" etc... on the home page.  There are some at the top of the "Join Now" page, however.  I would like to see that on the home page as well.I agree that the big "Attention" in the middle of your home page detracts from an otherwise professional looking website.The rest of the site looks great.  Also, I like your domain name very much.  Easy to remember for the rich dad fans.
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    RichDadEnthusiastRichDadEnthusiast subscriber Posts: 1
    I sincerely thank you for your honest feedback. Please stay connected with the site to witness the speed in which we make some of your changes. They were very valuable. thanks again, corey
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    RichDadEnthusiastRichDadEnthusiast subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks to you as well. Very honest feedback and I really appreciate your candor. We will make many of these changes - please stay in touch with the site so you see your comments come to life! Thanks again,
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    JWDesignCenterJWDesignCenter subscriber Posts: 1
    The middle picture on the home page is distracting - it needs to be either altered or replaced - it has a glare on the counter that keeps drawing my eye up to it.  Oh and I love the colors on your blog too... i`d definitely consider changing your current color scheme to match.
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