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The two biggest questions answered about social networking

ebootcampebootcamp subscriber Posts: 3
edited December 2008 in Marketing
The two most common questions I get from clients and companies are:
a. Why should I partake in social networking as part of my online marketing strategy?
b. What tools should I focus on?
A colleague of mine, Perry Belcher, did a fantastic job by answering these two questions. I`ve posted the youtube video inside my blog at www.coreyperlman.com. It`s absolutely worth 10 minutes of your time.
all the best,
Corey Perlman www.eBootCampBook.comeBoot Camp:Proven Internet Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Business is due online and in major retailers this January!


  • ryanbiddulphryanbiddulph subscriber Posts: 0
    You have an interesting blog, very informative.
    Ryan Biddulph


  • ebootcampebootcamp subscriber Posts: 3
    Yeah, I posted that one on my twitter account - I found the Google starter guide very interesting as well.
    Are you on Twitter? Feel free to Follow Me!
    Thanks for the reply,
    ebootcamp12/3/2008 10:54 PM
  • AuroraAndersonAuroraAnderson subscriber Posts: 1
    Craig - thanks for that Google whitepaper link.  That article was worth reading (and saving) for SEO guidelines.
  • HypnowHypnow subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi Corey,
    Would you please explain Twitter to me?  I don`t get it.
  • ebootcampebootcamp subscriber Posts: 3
    Hi Lizette,
    I kind of look at it as facebook meets text messenging because it`s a social network but you only post short sentences to your audience. Although it says the purpose is to tell people what you are up to all of the time, it seems most people use it as a way to offer value to those who follow them. For example, when I see a site that I think is worth sharing, I post that site as a tweet (message in twitter) and then it shows up on everyone`s twitter page who is following me. And I receive all of the `tweets` of every person I follow.
    I will say that since joining Twitter, I have found myself consuming info/knowledge faster than ever before. I`ll see a blog post someone sent or an article or, for example, that Goggle SEO startup guide that I ended up posting in my blog. Because I follow lots of internet marketers, I`m constantly seeing new info on the subject.
    My suggestion, register for an account and play around on it for awhile. Feel free to follow lots of people and post one or two messages a day. Ask questions and offer value, and soon, people will begin to follow you.
    let me know what you think!
    all the best,
  • HypnowHypnow subscriber Posts: 2
    Got it!  There are so many avenues to take with social networking/marketing.  I`m trying to stick with a select few where I can focus my energy into make it a valuable communication medium.
    Thanks a bunch!
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