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A Business while working Question

CoolerkingCoolerking subscriber Posts: 1
edited June 2007 in Business Planning
Good evening, fellow entrepreneurs:

I am looking to start a Copywriting Business after work/in my spare time.
My hope is to make this a full time venture, however I do not want to quit
my job. My thinking was to get a smartphone/blackberry to stay in
regular contact with my clients (once I get them) while I was at lunch at
work or in emergency situations. I don`t want to alienate my current
employer, however I want to provide the highest quality work & service to
my clients. Has anyone started their company while working, and if so
how did they find the time to contact potential clients as well as serving
their existing client base? Any insight/ suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks for your input,
CKCoolerking2007-6-18 21:46:0


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    InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    Are you already a professional copywriter? If so, my answer is different than if you`re in a completely different line of work at present. Do you mind providing clarification?
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    CoolerkingCoolerking subscriber Posts: 1
    I would be working on the task for my employer. I would let the client know
    that as a start up I have certain items that take precidence (namely work for
    my employer). Coolerking2007-6-19 5:35:30
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    CoolerkingCoolerking subscriber Posts: 1
    Are you already a professional copywriter? If so,
    my answer is different than if you`re in a completely different line of work at
    present. Do you mind providing clarification?

    Yes I am. I have 5 years of copywriting experience in a variety of industries &
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    CoolerkingCoolerking subscriber Posts: 1
    Focus on jobs that can be slotted into the time you
    have. If I understand
    what you are going to offer a fair amount of your service is not about
    responding in real time. Focus on jobs that can be scheduled.

    Even if you were working on your business full time you will have periods
    when you are busy so new request have to be scheduled, delayed or
    otherwise not handled in realtime.

    A blackberry can be a great way to stay in touch. Just be careful about
    when you are using it. People will notice if you spend significant time on
    the blackberry when you were supposed to be working for your

    Thanks for the tips. You`re right - I wouldn`t be emailing clients
    constantly otherwise the wrong person will notice and that will not be
    good. I see the blackberry/smartphone as a tool I`d use during lunch and
    when I was on the road between the home office and my employer`s

    I have a tremendous amount of respect for my employer & the last thing I
    want to do is to be canned.
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    toobizyladytoobizylady subscriber Posts: 1
    I just launched my biz full - time in January. I use a Treo pda to keep in contact with clients, etc.  I use e-voice and e-fax numbers that I have forwarded to my email which dumps into my Treo.  So I always know when I get a fax, voice mail, email, etc. Thought this info might help you.
    Good Luck,
    Julie Barnes
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    CoolerkingCoolerking subscriber Posts: 1
    Don`t get caught up in the technology and accessories.
    Lots of people
    say, "I`m gonna be a professional photographer," for example. Then they
    spend years accumulating equipment, researching, studying, comparing,
    pondering, and running around.

    If anyone asks how the business is coming along, they go on and on
    about how busy they are examining all the many tools they`re "going to"
    need one day, after they get some clients.

    Get the clients, do the writing, and deal with the (probably rare)
    instances where someone has a copywriting emergency at that time. From
    what I`ve experience, nobody has that kind of emergency where it can`t
    be handled several hours later (at the minimum), or more likely in the
    next couple of days.

    I am taking the minimalist approach here. I know the last thing I need is
    to spend a fortune on gadgets. However, my contract is up with my cell
    phone company so investing in a smartphone makes some sense for the
    simple fact that I can stay in contact with clients no matter where I am.

    But I do agree. I don`t think you need to spend $20,000 on office/gear to
    get a business up and running. My mac, cell/smartphone, and a
    broadband connection are about all I need.

    Thank you for the reminder & the great advice.
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    ProfDavidProfDavid subscriber Posts: 2
    From my perspective I think you get to a point where you have to make a decision.I was in exactly the same situation a number of years ago and I new I couldn`t give my business the attention it needed if I was employed. I took the risk and left and it worked.Prof Davidwww.21stcenturyentrepreneurs.co.uk
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