Where to start to fund a new PWC rental Company.

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In florida we cater to Tourists.
The Personal Water Craft Rental Business is a solid one.
I have researched the successful ones, and the failed ones.
The success is determined by location and # of PWC`s available to rent.
The highest expense is the Waterfront. I have that one covered.
Second is the Maintainence. I have that one covered.
Third is the PWC inventory. My 99 Yamaha isn`t exactly what people are looking for.
I am divorced, and my credit was the victim, so I am unable to finance them myself.
I have thought about an investor, but worried it could cost me my business.
I have thought about picking up salvage and rebuilding them (not the easiest to rent).
Are thier other ways to obatin the capitol to purchase the PWC`s?
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    There are several ways to finance the business equipment (PWC`s). If you don`t have any cash to contribute - you may have to look at a combination funding strategy.
    Send me a PM if you want to discuss specifics of your situation.
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