Financing Marketing to go nationwide - Any ideas.

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I was unable to find a way to search the forums for information on my concern.
I have been working on an idea for a business that is a combination of three businesses (non that I own), that would solve a problem, each of the businesses face. Since each business is national, and the idea is simple, all three businesses would be able to compete immediately. I can even name the businesses (Fed Ex, UPS and DHL), but without the capital to market the idea, I would be in business for about 6 months. The market is mentioned on the news at least once a week. The cause is not going to be gone anytime soon, and the three existing companies see a perceived barrier. The problem I face is simple, once the idea is explained to anyone with the finances to do it, there is no way to protect it. It is like trying to market a new flavor of Pizza to the Nation. You can market it local and small, but Domino`s, Pizza Hut and Pappa John`s would have it, as fast as, thier lawyers can confirm minimal economic risk. I have offered consults on many things that I have come accross in my life, and only one of the 30 ideas have not produced a "millionaire" (due to lack of execution). I would like to actually have the chance to either be compensated for my "idea" or follow one of them to fruition.


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    While I can`t speak to your specific situation - there may be some way to legally protect your concept, or some key part of it. [ie - the Wright bros patents were about "controls" of flight not the actual airplane itself)
    Another way to reduce the potential that some company will "do it themselves" - is to make it easier, faster, simpler for them to engage with you.
    If you`d like to discuss specifics - send me a PMrobertj2008-8-3 13:45:47
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