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need help on two sites - please

ContinentalPrintingSuppliesContinentalPrintingSupplies subscriber Posts: 7
edited November 2006 in Website Critique
i`ve been working on a website for quite a while and have had you help me with a few ideas in the past.  So, I`m coming to you once again with two sites I need critiqued.  thanks so much!!
Please look them over and let me know how they rate and what i can do to improve.
thanks again!!ContinentalPrintingSupplies2006-11-15 15:50:17


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    mister blubs.to which site are you referring?
    in faith i copied the first website URL from the site i am looking at using for my `shopping cart`.  i was unaware that it would `time-out`.  my apologies.  here is the correct URL.
    this is a `demo site` and you do not need to enter an e-mail address, just click continue and accept terms and then on the next page, just click finish.  these are the steps i was trying to bypass.  sorry it didn`t work.
    CraigL as far as germs on your desk, every underlined item you read was a click thru to the scientific data that proves my statements as true.  you state that the wording about thanks for visiting made no sense and just went on and on, and on.  but you do not say how to simplify.  i`m am legit in asking for your help.  each underlined item in my second site is meant to be a click on to take you from page to page throughout the site and even further, such as the scientific data i mentioned.  on the products page you will see that there is also a click thru to take you to another site to view the products i carry.
    you have told me what is wrong and to hire a writer, but you do not tell me what else you feel can be corrected.
    thanks for your input, i await more.
    thanks again.
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    thank you.  i will have to get a different URL for the first site.  i will also take a closer look at the redundancy of the wording on the second site, as well as the overall appearance.
    please continue bashing my site and let me know of ways it can be improved.  i hope to be able to show this site off to the general public in about 3-4 weeks and could really use some more advice.
    frndchps thank you for taking the time to get back to me via my website.  that is exactly why this information is requested, and exactly why the comment form is included in the website.  i really appreciate all the time you took to show me what the others have stated. two thumbs up!!
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    thanks once again.  this time things were a bit more clear as to what you were getting at.  i do try to be grammatically correct in order to be more professional and not so much the way society is today.  i do plan on implementing the ideas you have given along with the specifics that Frndchps has mentioned.
    in trying to let the customer know that they are valuable to me, i guess i have gone a bit overboard.  this i will fix.  i had been using this as a teaching tool for my 10 yo.  he picked out the background.  but i alone am responsible for the redundant language.
    i want to really push the site in a few weeks, as i am going to be adding the online ordering.  (which is the first link that i cannot get to work without some major assistance from the shopping cart company, so i`ll worry about that after we have more time to get down to the nitty gritty.)
    in the mean time i have asked for, and will continue to seek, the advise of the SUN community.  i have seen several sites and have a love-hate relationship with what i have seen.  i have asked several web designers for their help and have gotten nowhere.  so, seeing that i know my financial limits, i am trying to keep my expenses to a minimum, my son and i came up with what you see.
    thanks once again
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    SecondHandRoseSecondHandRose subscriber Posts: 3
    Hello Tracy,
    I go along with the others accept I know better. If you did not want to be my partner it would of been easier just sending me an e-mail.
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    thank you rose, i apologize for not emailing you.  however, by the time you had gotten back to me (seven (7) months later) i had actually forgotten what it was you were talking about.  i had to get into my mailbox to read the `sent` letter i sent you.
    i am assuming by this post that it had something to do with websites and design.  seeing i am wanting to push this website hard in the next few weeks, i had to get in touch with someone who already has my 35-40,000+ items ready to market.  when this shopping cart site goes live, i will have had very little to do with it.  it is a template that others use and will be used by myself as well.  i cannot seem to get a link to it to work, to ask advice.  everyone that i have shown it to, seems to think it will do a fine job and the price is wihin my budget.  right now i do not have the time to deal with layout and design, i just need something that works well, to begin with.  based on traffic i will decide from there if this idea will fly.
    the CPS site is one that has received nothing but positive feedback from everyone i have asked to view it.  UNTIL i asked the SUN community.  based on SUN`s replies, i will fix as recommended.  it will have a click thru to the shopping cart site, as i do not own that site.  if it does not work, then i will pull it and start over.  if it does what it is paid to do, then i am fine with that, (for now).
    as mentioned, i welcome all advice and comments about how to change to bring a more professional looking presence to the www.continentalprintingsupplies.com</A> site.  in the meantime once i get a better URL for the demo shopping cart site, i will repost.  until then, please critique my informational site.  and as always - thanks to all!!ContinentalPrintingSupplies2006-11-17 14:45:27
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