How to approach businesses to submit their listings?

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I am launching a website for my city Ahmedabad, India.
On the site I am offering listings of restaurants, hotel, shopping destinations, etc. I have currently created submit your business form, advertise with us, etc in place of site under construction page on the site.
Now, I have contact details of all the businesses I have targated. What I want to do is send out an e-mail/newsletter to these businesses asking them to add their business to my website. In the e-mail/newsletter I wish to include Advertise with us info as well so tha I can get some advertisements as well.
My problem is I am confused about what to write in e-mail/newsletter .
Can someone please help me with this (probably with some draft text???)???.
Thank you in advance.Jatin Joshi


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    I find the easiest way to answer that question is to ask a search engine....
    You might try:  "Wording for e-mail advertising for local businesses."
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    Yes. You are right. I tried that first but couldn`t find what I wanted. May be I need to try different keywords.
    Thank you for the suggestion.Jatin Joshi
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    Trying different words is the essence to finding your "keywords" on the Web.  Ask yourself, "if someone wanted to find me, what would they type into a search box?"
    Tell someone about what you do or want to do.  Then ask a friend, ask a stranger, ask a relative...while they are sitting at a computer, what would they type?
    You might be surprised at things you never thought of!
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    Hi nhgnikole,
    Thank you for the response.
    Actually, I am launching a city portal (the project started basically just as a hobby, I designed the website while learning, eventually it turned up so good and I thought lets make some money). So, I will provide restaurants, hotels, shopping destinations, theaters, hospitals, etc a free listing. They don`t have to pay a single penny.
    I am offering each and every business a free page for their listing.
    And will make some money with Advertisements and hotel booking commission (through affiliate booking engines).
    So, any ideas???


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