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Thanks for your time Craig, I am definitely going to implement some of  your suggestions. WilshireInvestigations2007-6-20 21:18:25


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    You may have some design/coding limitations becuase you`re using homestead, but watch the size of your image files.  For example, the image file on the contact us page is 125K+. Try to keep image files lower than 40K.
    Also, make sure you have a different title and description for each web page
    If you are not going to employ a "normal" menu for navigation, you should include a link to all your pages on the bottom... especially the list of your services.
    Design wise... the big button-like links are not a favorite of mine .  Text links would be fine. Also, I suggest you add a mouseover effect for all your links (you do it at the bottom of the page).
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    Thanks Roland, I am working to get away from the big buttons.  They sounded like a good concept in the beginning.  Thanks for taking the time to take a look.   Also just a funny note: anyone looking for help with SEO this post made it to the top 20 in Google for my keyword term "Los Angeles Private Investigator"Thanks,
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