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Site concept & implementation critique please...

seniorcliqueseniorclique subscriber Posts: 3
edited September 2008 in Website Critique

We are in the mid stages of site development and wanted to impose upon you for a few minutes of your time.
We are looking for an objective opinion on our concept and implementation from an investor`s perspective. We do have a business plan in development but are not quite ready to present.
Interestingly enough, we have been seeing traffic growth coming from 28 countries so far and we have done nothing to promote it yet other than working with some hospitals and retirement centers over the last few months...word of mouth perhaps?
Again, I am only asking for your opinions in concept and presentation.
Please visit us at:


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    seniorcliqueseniorclique subscriber Posts: 3

    Hi Kathy,


    Thank you for the observation. We have temporarily disabled all browsers except IE through the weekend as the site uses ActiveX controls and an XML parser that is incompatible with FireFox, Netscape, Opera...etc.


    We are working on this diligently as we are aware that people do use products other than Microsoft.


    Also, we are having to program functions to provide CSS overrides for the other browsers as each one implements CSS a little differently and seriously effects the page layout and flow.


    All these issues should be corrected over the weekend.

    Again, I thank you for your time!

    seniorclique9/26/2008 10:49 PM
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    seniorcliqueseniorclique subscriber Posts: 3

    Hi Craig,

    OK, now we`re getting somewhere with objective critiques...and I really appreciate it!


    As to the font, using "em" sizing is definitely valid and one we haven`t considered...yet. Out of curiosity, what resolution are you running? We have provided a Page Zoom feature just above the CitiClique module on the left that magnifies the site. "em" font size...well, there goes my weekend...thanks alot!


    Regarding relevant news, the CitiClique module once finished will allow a user to select a State and City. Then when selecting a News or Housing category...etc, the page will provide localized information for the selected location and more targeted categories. You are absolutely right...finding sources for those topics is very difficult!


    The "running slow" issue...getting decent traffic is putting a strain on the server. We are looking into acquiring multiple servers to distribute processes accross. Right now, the site, database services, email and webservices are all running on one machine. Baaad....as traffic is picking up and there are alot of internal services as well as Ads coming from multiple sources. Not to mention the overhead of .Net`s viewstate.


    Tutorials? Yep, working on them as we speak. Unfortunately, it`s a one-man show at the moment as far as site design and programming goes. Why didn`t the powers that be add another 10-12 hours in a day? 24hr days are not long enough


    Regarding the "dark and gloomy" color scheme...hmmm, good point! We haven`t had any negative feedback on that as of yet...until you brought it up...point well taken. Hmmm, I`ll have to try some other color scheme variations.


    Whew...like they say..."careful what you ask for"! All of your points are taken to heart. May I impose upon you at the beginning of next week to run through it again once we`ve addressed these issues?


    So much for playing at the beach this weekend!




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    WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    Just out of curiosity .... why use functions that only one browser can handle, then have to find a work around for other browsers? Are the functions that important to the site to create that much additional work, testing, and potential issues?
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