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New Additions--Please Review

consumertreehouseconsumertreehouse subscriber Posts: 11
edited November 2007 in Website Critique
Hello everyone,I just added some new affiliates as well a search box that only searches content within my site. I think things look a bit crowded now with my site and am thinking about using the empty blue space by stretching the content of my site.I have a custom logo that will be on my site soon and I will let you know when that is up, because I want your thoughts on that too.Please let me know your thoughts, good and bad, I want to hear what you have to say because this site was created for you.Thanks in advance.


  • John49John49 subscriber Posts: 0
    This may be because of the affliates and the various java scripts running...but your site loads slow (and I am on a cable connection).
    Also...(very annoying) all of a sudden my computer screen was taken over by an ad .
    Eventhough it had a"skip this ad" link... it still was (1) something I did not expect and (2) was totally distracting... and would drive me away from the site.
    John4911/17/2007 10:59 PM
  • ClerksClerks subscriber Posts: 0
    First the good...I think you chose a wonderful color of blue for the header.  It will be interesting to see what your logo will look like.  I also like the icons you used (but I would add labels as I didn`t realize they were links).
    Now...the basic layout of the site is functional but I think there is just too much going on.  The ads moving on the side, differing ad sizes, and not a lot of your own content on the Homepage makes the site a bit off-putting.  Your text gets lost among the ads.
    I agree with John49 that the full page ad that took over my screen was enough to make me leave.  That is not the ultimate goal of ads.  They should peak the users interest but still make them want to use YOUR site.
    Also, the search box got lost in the page.  I realize there is a Home button above it but that does not appear unless I mouse over it.  So there is just white surrounding a white search box and nothing letting me know it`s there.
    Please know that i`m not trying to be rude or offensive, I`m just giving feedback to assist you.  This site has great potential with a few tweaks.
  • consumertreehouseconsumertreehouse subscriber Posts: 11
    Thanks for the replies. I seem to get different reponses from different people and I think it has to do with what type of computer they are on.On my PowerBook I have never had the large ad that pops up and takes over the screen, but my friend who has a Dell always sees the ad when she`s on my site. I do realize that there is a lot going on and the text is getting lost in between. I am working on and I thank you again for your honest opinions and don`t worry, there is no offense taken. Thanks
  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member

    Your center and right columns need some space between them; your intro paragraph and disclaimer practically run into the right column content.
    Highlight your "Home" link so it`s easier to find.
    The top/logo area is too tall; there is just a logo and a few basic images. To me, this is a lot of wasted space ..... just my opinion.
    The images on the lower left .... you don`t make it clear if these are products that have been reviewed, or if they are affiliate ads.
    For a site that has non-biased product reviews, it seems very commercial in terms of advertising, and the intros to the products themselves sound like commercials or media releases.

  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    I think that you need to take the ads off of the top of your home page, the banners are ok on the side but the text ads are taking away from your site. I think from listening to you over the past couple of weeks, you are serious about your business. I would curtail the ads on the homepage atleast, show people that you mean business. Focus on keeping your business there and it`s mission. Otherwise it may be a turn off to folks. I like the name, I like the business, so bring your mission to life on that home page to keep folks interested. If you want folks to go to your website and to click onto another one as soon as they find you, your business will be a link directory , not consumertreehouse.I am only saying this because I think it is important to relay your service and grab the viewers attention from the start.
  • consumertreehouseconsumertreehouse subscriber Posts: 11
    Thank you for all the advice. This is my first venture into an online business and I am learning new things each day.Thanks again for all the great advice.
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