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Navigating Startup Visa Acquisition: Seeking Advice on Choosing the Right Country

WillDick111WillDick111 subscriber Posts: 1 Member

I have an exciting startup idea, and my MVP is almost complete. However, due to the ongoing war in my current country, I am looking to relocate as soon as possible. Ideally, I am considering the USA, but I am open to exploring other options too. I have several questions regarding acquiring a startup visa, minimizing taxes, and expediting the process. Additionally, I am curious about the role of fundraising and whether startup accelerators can assist with the visa application. Any insights or relevant information would be greatly appreciated.


  1. What advice can you provide for selecting a country to relocate to for acquiring a startup visa, taking into account factors such as tax implications and expedited processing?
  2. Should I focus on fundraising primarily in the country where I plan to apply for the startup visa?
  3. How can startup accelerators potentially assist with the startup visa application process?
  4. Are there any specific countries known for offering favorable conditions for startups in terms of visa acquisition and taxation?
  5. What are some key considerations or resources I should explore when researching potential countries for relocation?

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