How Would You Market My Website?

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I own a consumer based website that provides the public with the latest recall information, product reviews, and forums for now, but within 6 months or so there will be other features added.
I am at a loss when it comes to the correct path I should take when it comes to marketing?
From what I have been told my site is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. If it would help to take a look at my site you can follow the link in my signature.
You`ve helped me before so I am hoping that you can do it again.
Thank you in advance.


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    I would use guerrilla marketing, free sites to be specific myspace,facebook,blogger,wordpress,forums,youtube anywhere you can post info about your website and ad a link to your website. I like this method because its free and it keeps working as long as the accounts stay active. thats how i would do it online.
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    I think that building your credibility and trustworthiness is very important - and especially for a website such as yours.  Also, your target group is going to be pretty diverse and hard to pinpoint accurately - at least at the beginning stage.
    I would use the advice of all of the previous repliers.  Use the online article submission sites (just choose a handful to start with) and online PR services to start getting your name/website out there and start being seen as an important and credible resource.
    Because your site content lends itself very effectively to word-of-mouth (we all pass along information about good stuff/products and bad/defective ones amongst our friends and colleagues), I would put up a Facebook page right away as well.  Post your news releases as a community services and you`ll have people passing around your Facebook information in a flash.
    Yes, some of this can be quite time-consuming - that`s why I would recommend starting with Facebook first and then adding more social sites as your time/resources allow.  You can also use the services of a VA (as already noted!) to help you with the article formatting and submitting.  I use a VA for my article submissions, online PR, blog postings and I will be soon for my Facebook.
    Good luck and keep us posted!
    Jody Gabourie The Small Business Marketing Coach

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