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Senior-Clique Retirement portal...

seniorcliqueseniorclique subscriber Posts: 3
edited September 2008 in Website Critique

Hi All,




We have been building a new website focused on Retirees and their interests/concerns.


This site is still under development at the time and we have run out of our personal savings at this point and are seeking partners on many different levels.


Initially, we were intending to boot-strap this company. Given the breadth of categories in the site (scope-creep?), we have now come to realize that the huge potential of it requires not only a partner with start-up capital, but we need professional/business development talent to see it to fruition.


Please take a moment to review the site and give us your feedback.


We are currently developing presentations for potential strategic partners/investors and need to position ourselves in a compelling format.


Our demographic is a HUGE and largely untapped market! View the Retirement Statistics.


Thank you for your time and let us know what you think.


  • seniorcliqueseniorclique subscriber Posts: 3

    Hello DMIGuy,


    I certainly appreciate your points! Valid concerns indeed.


    However, we do have stats from various Governmental resources that indicate values much different than what you are expressing. Not only are we seriously considering these numbers, but we are working from direct experience with retirees that are too numerous to mention here.


    Kristine Castillo, RN, has been a MediCare case manager for hospitals in various states over the years. One of the problems we are addressing in the community are Durable Medical Equipment (DME) requirements as it relates to MediCare. She and several others on our team in that field have experienced some of these issues first hand.


    As an example, when an individual is discharged from a hospital requiring DME, if that person owns a home, they are typically dis-qualified from receiving MediCare paid equipment. Imagine, having hip replacement surgery and needing a walker or powered wheel chair for some time. Only to find out MediCare and/or their insurance will not cover it.


    We are talking about DME that can range from $1,500 up to $12,000 in some cases!


    When a person does recieve needed equipment, MediCare has a replacement schedule for that DME. Because the DME was paid for by MediCare, which has no reclaimation process in place, these recipients cannot simply sell that equipment legally.


    On the other side of the fence, a person desperately needing the equipment usually has no place to turn other than financial loans from family, friends, home equity...etc.


    One of the Charity services we are building is a match-making service that will allow a person to donate the equipment to someone in need for only the cost of shipping.


    What I mean to say is this, we do consider the points you have brought up, but due to experience researching and speaking with hundreds of retirees in various settings, those that are internet savvy have expressed one common theme:


    The lack of a comprehensive resource addressing all of their interests.


    Typically, they are bounced around from site to site in search of the answers they are seeking. This creates confusion on their behalf making them less than likely to continue their quest out of frustration.


    Once our site is complete, we are planning on exposing this resource on nationally syndicated forums such as Opra Winfrey`s show "Opra`s Angels"...etc.


    We have numerous hospital parent organizations willing to feature us on their site for not only DME, but Retirement/Convalescent homes directories.


    Again, we are attempting to address the huge breadth of Retiree interests and your idea of breaking up the resources into multiple sites (more narrowly focused) certainly has credence of which we are now considering.


    Your idea is one of the reasons we are here. We realize that we simply cannot think of all the aspects of our Vision within ourselves and are looking for not only start-up capital, but brain capital as well. And for that, I sincerely thank you!
    If you know of anyone in this demographic that does have internet access, ask them what their biggest frustration is on the internet in terms of search...it might surprise you!

  • seniorcliqueseniorclique subscriber Posts: 3

    Hi Bob,
    Thank you for the dialog.
    If you wouldn`t mind discussing, could you please PM me the particulars of your Father`s experience? We are developing case studies of people dealing with MediCare issues and have an interest in hearing your story.
    We have found communicating user experiences with MediCare to be impersonal and find that putting a face to a case invaluable in enacting change within our governmental system!
    We would never profile any case study without permission. I am interested in hearing the details as it gives us a broader base of experience with which we tune our strategies to...assuming you feel comfortable in discussing.
    I can only imagine your`s/his frustration in dealing with them.
    Any insights we learn is valuable to us as we tune our site to address the needs of people going through the same experience.
    Your knowledge would be most helpfull in assisting those in similar situations.
    Again, thank you for the feedback!
  • atxnrsatxnrs subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello DMIGUY,
    I, along with Joe, am a co-founder of Senior-Clique.com.  Although I agree with Joe in that a comprehensive discussion about Senior-Clique.com would be impossible in this forum I did want to share with you our vision of bringing the internet to seniors nationwide.
    One of the projects that we are working on is a non-profit that will be linked to the site entitled Senior-Clique Tech Centers.  We are currently involved in early stage negotiations with several national level companies.  Our goal is to have each of these companies donate services such as internet connections, recycled hardware and PCs, desks, and computer chairs.  These services and supplies will then be put together in a package that would supply a "work station" of sorts for seniors to log onto the internet at no charge.
    Senior-Clique Tech Stations would then be donated to nursing homes, retirement centers/communities, and senior activity centers across the nation.  The patent pending home page concierge module will offer site specific navigation tutorials that are user friendly.  With a page zoom feature for easy reading.
    Our marketing research has been conducted by Dr. Mark Sullivan of AT&T Laboratories.  The statistics presented on the site only scratch the surface.  Once totally operational the outlook for first year earnings is staggering with potential for exponential growth.
    Please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more. 
    atxnrs9/24/2008 8:33 AM
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