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Legal Questions

kittensinurfacekittensinurface subscriber Posts: 1 Member

This is my 4th year in the computer repair business in Oregon. Most PC work done on customer location, however sometimes I bring PC back to my home office shop to perform work, then return item to customer safely.

Customer dropped off HDD (hard drive disk), I diagnosed it as dead, now he will not pay or pick it up. We have communicated to eachother many times, but he will not pay or pick it up.

In the future, before accepting anything into my possession, I will make them sign a contract that states they forfeit their items after 30 days if they do not pick them up, and I will make them pay the minimum diagnosis fee up front. So this is solved for the future. But my question is about the present situation.

At this point, I do not expect the customer to pay or pick up the item, it is not worth my time to create a Lien, as the overdue fee is small. I want to legally dispose of their items. I have attempted to research the laws on this situation, and while I did find a lot of information, I could not find an answer. Thank you.

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