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How I gathered money for my business trading with Justice Area, 10 000% profit!

samuelnelson76samuelnelson76 subscriber Posts: 2 Member
edited April 2023 in Business Planning

I want to share some great trading service I've found and my experience trading with them. They are called Justice Area (www.justicearea.com) and they are a legit company, I had great experience investing with them.

They offer mutual account where people can invest their money together, trade with their AI and share profit proportionally to the money they have invested at first. I've give them a go and invested 1000 EUR as they promised 10 000% profit in 3 years of trading and proof of that. They accept only EUR and BTC, as they suggested I've used WISE account to deposit my money in USD first because I'm from US and then convert it to EUR and send my investment money to their business bank account. They accepted me next day, no questions asked and I've receive the number of my account and the link of the page of the mutual account where you could see how much other people invested and their expected profit. After our mutual account reached lock-down balance we received increased lock-down profit as there were only 4 people who invested in this 20 000 EUR mutual account. I've invested lowest amount, only 5% and receive lock-down profit of 10% what is amazing for investment of just 1000 EUR.

Every month that link we received for the page updated with new status of our balance that was constantly in profit. They did not charge us anything, no setup fee or something like that ,they only take 5% from mutual account quarterly and 5% before withdrawing, what is nothing if you split that between all investors. I've just invested and watched our mutual account gathering insane profit. On 10th month I've received the email from Justice Area, they requested a vote between participants because account reached insane profit very fast and they were asking if we want to vote about withdrawing our money or continue trading, as they mentioned their lock down period can be from 1 up to 3 years, on 10th month our 20 000 EUR account reached 870 660 EUR. All investors voted for withdrawing, and guess what! Our mutual account had balance of 827 127 EUR when we withdraw with that I received my 10 %, that was believe it or not 82 712 EUR that was sent to my WISE account.

I will defiantly trade with them again, you should visit their very pretty website and read more about it, as i understand they accept everybody, even companies. From my experience i only have this words for them, go justice area! 

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