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Requesting Feedback on Startup Ideas

ScholarScholar subscriber Posts: 1
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Hello All:


I just joined SUN and I am looking forward to learning from all of you. For the past 20 years I have worked as a financial/budget analyst. But I no longer find fulfillment in what I do. So I have decided to give serious consideration to pursuing my long-time dream of self-employment. Like others, my biggest and first obstacle is trying to decide which one of my many interests to pursue. Following is a list of my "Top 3 Ideas." I have other ideas but these three generate the most passion within me. Please provide me your input as to their feasibility.


IDEA #1:

Financial Educator – I have a B.S. in Financial Management. I have been trained in the field of adult education and in financial counseling. My desire is not to provide debt consolidation or bill payer services. Instead, I would be teaching my clients financial literacy. This work gives me a sense of satisfaction knowing that I am helping others take control of their financial lives. But, individuals experiencing financial hardship may not be able to pay me enough to support my own family. Also, I would be competing against non-profits and other agencies offering similar services. Should I market my services to companies as a series of workplace financial seminars? Another option would be to start an after-school enrichment program or summer camp for youth.


IDEA #2:

Motivational Speaker

– I have been professionally trained in the art of public speaking and I am in my “element” when standing before a microphone. In this business I would market my services to the educational field as a youth and school speaker (elementary, middle, and high) as well as a presenter for colleges, teacher in-service programs, human resources and luncheons. My own children are ages 14 and 12 so I have some first-hand experience in dealing with youth.  Also, I have developed a good rapport with my county school system due to my active involvement in the PTA, PTSA, and PTO organizations.


IDEA #3:

Professional MC

– In addition to my communication skills I have polished people skills. This business would entail me hosting an event, opening a seminar series, or acting as the master of ceremonies for charity events, receptions, conventions, and annual meetings for corporations and organizations.  It could also open the door to providing event planning or event management services.  My research has shown that this kind of business is common in the UK (a training organization actually exists there) and Australia but not so here in the USA. My biggest challenge then would be educating prospective clients and marketing.   


Any one of these ideas would allow me to combine and utilize one or more of my talents and passions (i.e. communicating, finance, teaching, entertaining, interacting with people). But, which one? I welcome all feedback (positive and negative) that might help set me on the path to true fulfillment.


R/ Scholar


  • proactive1proactive1 subscriber Posts: 1
    Hello Scholar and welcome,
    Each of your top 3 ideas I believe are viable. The operative word here, "passion" that you mention is key and you obviously aree mindful of that. So right off the bat you seem to have an advantage. You certainly appear to have the expertise.
    As I was reading your post, it struck me that considering these increasingly stressful economic times, i.e. the sinking housing market, record number of foreclosures, etc... there seems to be quite an urgent need for services geared towards financial wellness. I like the idea of marketing this to companies in a seminar format -- or, perhaps develop a `webinar` and target HR professionals.
    To your success,
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