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Startup Financial Planning... who`s got the know how?

kamolahykamolahy subscriber Posts: 27
edited July 2008 in Business Planning
So I`m sure we`ve all been through it. Some of us, however, have advisors or financial experts at our disposal who can help us plan and put together the financials.
Others, however, are new to this sort of thing. WE have skills everywhere else but our Accounting classes from college are rusty. We need help.
The other day, I was discussing with a friend of mine my financials. He`s a consultant and strategist at a small private equity firm, and knows all about looking at a companies financials. He got into detail about structuring a good deal, pre money valuation, and calculating ratios that speak to an investor.
Did I understand all the stuff? Yes.
Does it mean I know how to do it? Not really that well.
I can justify basic financial outlook things such as costs, overhead, revenues, and other basic things you should know if you dare start a business.
However, I`m not super well versed in how to structure the numbers of an investment deal. What ratios do I use to prove the ROI to an Angel? How do I approach it?
Some of us need help. Anyone here able to blow a guy in the right direction?


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