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3 Essential Strategies Entrepreneurs Must Use to Make Potential Customers Want Their Product

Andrew LowenbaumAndrew Lowenbaum administrator Posts: 12 Bronze Level Member

Most folks tend to take an action because they imitate others who they admire. In launch marketing, there are three groups we consider to cause potential customers to imitate others. Read more


  • Victor34Victor34 subscriber Posts: 1 Member

    That initial customer acquisition is actually the toughest. You have to make a clear value proposition

  • AdloveAdlove subscriber Posts: 3 Member

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  • AlexErAlexEr subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member

    Yeah. FOMO is "catching" clients at the moment of choosing but first of all we should show the value of our product. That's the first challenge. It's good if celebrities can recomend your product, as mentioned in articel, but it's quite costy. I see that people use more and more different animation styles for engaging potential clients. I wonder what is better to use: UGC or animated video for web-site...

  • gonsymondsgonsymonds subscriber Posts: 29 Bronze Level Member

    Good strategies to acquire a customer database.

  • ishtiaqahmed9834ishtiaqahmed9834 subscriber Posts: 17 Bronze Level Member

    Absolutely! Social influence plays a significant role in driving customer behavior, especially in launch marketing. Let's delve into the three groups in launch marketing that can potentially spur imitation:

    Influencers: These are individuals with significant social media followings or platforms where their opinions, reviews, and endorsements can shape consumer decisions. They have established trust with their audience, and when they showcase or discuss a product, their followers often consider trying it out. For launch marketing, getting an influencer on board to discuss or promote the new product can provide a substantial initial push.

    Early Adopters: These are the people who are the first to try out a new product, service, or technology. They are seen as trendsetters and often have a circle of influence, albeit smaller than influencers. When early adopters showcase their approval or satisfaction with a product, it signals to the broader market that the product is worthy. Their feedback can also be crucial for brands to make any necessary adjustments post-launch.

    Testimonials and User Reviews: Real-life experiences from everyday users can greatly impact potential customers. When potential customers see positive testimonials or reviews, especially from people they can relate to, it builds trust. For launch marketing, showcasing testimonials of beta testers or initial users can give confidence to potential buyers and prompt them to make a purchase.

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