3 Essential Strategies Entrepreneurs Must Use to Make Potential Customers Want Their Product

Andrew LowenbaumAndrew Lowenbaum administrator Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member

Most folks tend to take an action because they imitate others who they admire. In launch marketing, there are three groups we consider to cause potential customers to imitate others. Read more


  • Victor34Victor34 subscriber Posts: 1 Member

    That initial customer acquisition is actually the toughest. You have to make a clear value proposition

  • AdloveAdlove subscriber Posts: 3 Member

    AI Tools for Business Growth


    In today’s competitive environment, companies are increasingly looking for ways to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to help them grow their business.

    AI tools can be used to enhance customer service, provide insights into customer behaviour and improve marketing strategies. By using AI tools as part of your business strategy, you can see a measurable increase in your profits in just 24 hours.

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