Non-Disclosure Agreements, can you legally write your own??

kamolahykamolahy subscriber Posts: 27
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I don`t have a lawyer, nor do I have the capital to have one draw me up an NDA. What are the options?


  • katscoolcorner1katscoolcorner1 subscriber Posts: 0
    Of course you can.  Take a look at other Non Disclosure Agreements that you may have signed in the past.  Take the wording and tweak it to your own.
    On top of the document  when you use these words "This is a legally binding document--that both parties have signed it we agree to the terms..."   this is effective to protect the content of the documents should you have to take anyone to court.  Any judge will back you with that disclaimer right on top.
    Try to keep it simple.  As short as possible.  Get the signatures notarized and it`s a legal document.  Kat
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