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Yes, really free.
I`m building a community website that would hopefully augment what is happening here already by providing an online workspace for us to manage our projects. 
You can make it privately your own, share it out, share it with specific users, etc etc.  There`s lots of tweaking to do, and I really need a wishlist from you fine folks, so I know what sort of components are needed.
So far, it`s a project manager with event calandering, file and document sharing, tasking etc.  I`m at the point now where I`m trying to make it prettier and come up with a real name, logo etc.
If you`d like to see the mess in progress and test drive it, visit...
Login with the demo account: demo
And the password: password
Then select Project Manager from the menu.
Let me know what you think and if it`s even wanted.


  • ONSITE123ONSITE123 subscriber Posts: 2
    Of course there will have to be legals drawn up to protect ownerships etc., but I think that is something that can be straight-forward to work out.Last minute thought...
  • ONSITE123ONSITE123 subscriber Posts: 2
    Thank you for your feedback. Please keep visiting back and checking out the progress. The project site is still VERY much under construction.  The whole point of asking for feedback was to find out what it was you`d be looking for.  What do you need from an online project manager.  If you and some others from this site or from elsewhere wanted to collaborate together either publicly or in private, you could share tasks, post events, create projects, share/create documents, share files and more.I have the project manager installed into the site, and it has various features that would help to organize a team`s work.  It needs some help, and feedback like yours helps.  BTW, the file uploading problem has been fixed, and more tweaking of the layout etc. is to come.  Again, your (collective) feedback is really needed.  After all, you would be the end-users. Over the next few days, the site will evolve tremendously and hopefully a community will soon develop.www.onsite123.net/projects
  • ONSITE123ONSITE123 subscriber Posts: 2
    I`ll pay you $2.50 if you just get your caps lock button unstuck.
    fixed.  pay up.
    I won`t do that twice, sorry for the screaming title.
  • ONSITE123ONSITE123 subscriber Posts: 2
    BTW, I have purchased the domain, www.etherealprojects.info</A> which will re-direct you to the site as it exists now.
    I have done some more work on it, and invite anyone who would like to make use of it to stop on by.
  • RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
    rob,i`ve noticed a bunch of posts today from you referring people to your ceospace website, which you represent in the northeast.instead of simply referring people away from these instructive forums, can you provide helpful advice to people here inside the forums? we`re trying to create a very value rich community and it would be greatly appreciated by all who post and view the forums at StartupNation. sound good?
  • RobAdams4CEOSpaceRobAdams4CEOSpace subscriber Posts: 1
    Sure can. I was just hoping to assist in a much deeper way. That which the CEO Space forum offers is so much more than a few words can describe. The training is outstanding, the physicsl networking is so rich, the relationships you develop are so deep. But, for the sake of the online forum I will focus on giving short clips of advice where possible.
  • RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
    rob,perhaps there`s a way for you to give some depth here - it could be in short clips or in advice that goes a little deeper. we`d love it!
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