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Scaling a Business: 1 Tip For Entrepreneurs

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I wanted to share this transcript of a YouTube short to share a little bit of the importance of hiring in your business and scaling.

JD: Today we’ll be talking about how to work a thousand-hour week and still sleep eight hours a night.

JD: Is that possible?

Stephanie: I think yes, it’s a matter of delegating what you are not most efficient at doing.

JD: It's funny because we see at Summa Up, our clients, they run the spectrum of beginning entrepreneurs versus 7, 8 figure, 9 figure guys.

JD: And the biggest difference I see is the beginning entrepreneur has this, I’m going to do this, I’m going to do that, I’m going to do everything. And they’re working these hundred-hour weeks because they have this mindset that, hey I’m the only person that can be scaled and they’re not thinking about the big picture.

JD: Really how to kind of amplify your output is thinking about hiring and hiring top talent. The business owner, the entrepreneur, the founder, he can start kind of looking at working not in the business but on the business.

JD: And hiring is like really just the biggest secret, I would say for the guys that are on the rise to eight figures and nine figures, the people that the nine-figure exit. 

JD, Co-founder of Summa Up

Stephanie, Chief Of Platforms at Summa Up

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