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Another business plan question!

kamolahykamolahy subscriber Posts: 27
edited July 2006 in Business Planning
I was looking over some sample business plans to get some ideas of what works.

Now, a lot of us are putting together plans in order to present them to
investors for money. This means that I (as well as many of us)
currently don`t have investment money.

Now, in the section where you develop a prospective list of startup
costs, it seems that a lot of business plans state where the source of
their investment money is. How does this work? I don`t have a source,
so do I put down an amount indicating my intended source of investment


  • rocknroll333rocknroll333 subscriber Posts: 2
    In addition to your own funds, to bulk up your business plan you need to count all the assets you bring to your business.
    Personal computerFaxSpace in your home allocated to your businessYour time/sweat equityAny inventory you produce as samplesYour intellectual property
    My analyst told me....NOTHING is Free. Count everything.
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