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Numerous Quality issues with MVP

KarLizKarLiz subscriber Posts: 1 Member
edited October 2022 in Technology

we've been building our MVP for over a year. The last 4 months we've struggled nonstop with countless bugs. The engineers solve one bug but create another ten. How would you solve this?


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    webbiewebbie subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    edited November 2022

    First, building a good software engineering org is hard. Numerous things can go wrong. You have given almost no information other than a couple of symptoms.

    Most often, I see multiple problems in orgs, bad management and poor senior talent both.

    Management issues. Have the requirements changed significantly during development? Has the timeline and scope been ball park accurate? Pressure to deliver too high, do you have a death march? Too low, unclear vision, hand wave requirements, lack of direction? Do the devs understand the important features of the system, the vision? Are problems brought up by devs ignored? Are your meetings effective or do they burn time needlessly? More interested in some process formula than it's fundamental effectiveness?

    Management can be neither harsh nor lax. If you push the wrong way you hurt performance. When you don't push and challenge you leave performance on the table. The better it understands the technical domain the better it can get good performance out of the devs. The understanding of what the product needs to be must be done well. It effects every decision they make. Then all road blocks to progress must be smashed quickly, hardware, tools, licenses, agreements with companies. Devs must feel they are supported.

    Team issues. Is the team too inexperienced? Has anyone on the team built this type of system before? Is there a good leader/principal/architect with a history of sound architecture decisions? Do you have good senior talent? Good mentorship of junior devs?

    A lot of "senior" devs and "architects" in the market that aren't good at these roles. Cargo cult tech, resume driven development, analysis paralysis, design by committee, architecture astronauts. These will kill your velocity.

    It is ideal to have someone who knows how to build a good foundation and abstractions for the whole org. Who is disciplined enough to drive the devs into the hard or unknown parts first that will drive schedule in the fullness of time. Devs are naturally inclined to the fun and easy, leaving the required hard and unknown for the future. This tendency must be arrested and reversed.

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