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Witch ways i can attract the customers for my business?

Hi guys,

I will start a small business and I need ideas (innovatives) about how can i attract and give the customers the best possible experience.


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    mustardsaladscarfacemustardsaladscarface subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member

    What is your niche? Physical store only or eCommerce?

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    thefounder004thefounder004 subscriber Posts: 3 Member
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    mustardsaladscarfacemustardsaladscarface subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member

    The cheapest route is to work on your SEO metrics by building a diversified backlink profile. This implies having a blog and a comments section on your site where you can anchor links to other articles within the same niche. Next, you can contact other bloggers and introduce your business and educational resources (review articles, guides, etc.)

    Remark about some overlap/similarities in your products/services, and notify them that you'll grant them a free link to one of their well-written articles. If they show interest, ask for the favor back later on. Build such a network of collaborators (favor for a favor) and track your domain's organic growth with tools like Ahrefs.com.

    You should also start an online ads campaign, both by email, paid online ads, via participating in niche-relevant groups on Fb and forums like Reddit, and so on. When you run a sale (like for Black Friday), you can try diverting your target demographics attention by embedding dynamic QR codes within your ads (you can find free generators online), which can grant them discounts upon scanning. Note that establishing a name on such forums is not easy, but ultimately worth the trouble.

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