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CMJOffice.com - A Virtual Assistance Business

CMJOfficeCMJOffice subscriber Posts: 2
edited January 2008 in Website Critique
Hello - I am new to SUN.  I have recently jumped into the web world for my business.  I am not a computer guru to say the least.  I have taken the easy way out and designed my website using Yahoo Small Business.  I am wondering if this is a good idea or not?  I am looking to drive some business my way.  Does this website look like it can do that?  I am curious to know whether someone computer savvy will be laughing at this site or not?  I`m hoping not.  I do not have the money at the moment to hire a web designer.  I guess I am looking to find out if this site can draw some business, looks and sounds professional, and should I stay with Yahoo Small Business or switch to something else?
Thanks for the input.  I am trying to toughen my skin up as I type this.  My Blog is extremely basic.  Email is http://www.cmjoffice.com.


  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    First, being a computer guru has nothing to do with creating an effective website; that is based on usability, features and content.Yahoo`s program doesn`t create SEO friendly pages, or come close to having validated code. Reworked sites originally built in Yahoo can reduce file sizes and be much more effective for SEO.I definitely think you can do some rewriting so that it is a little more personable. Not just "This is what we do....", but "This is what we can do for YOU".
  • CMJOfficeCMJOffice subscriber Posts: 2
    Hey Karen,
    Thanks.  I appreciate the feedback regarding the website.  I`ve just been worried about not using DreamWeaver or FrontPage to design it from the start.
  • CMJOfficeCMJOffice subscriber Posts: 2
    M Hall - Thank you so much for this information regarding Yahoo Small Business.  I was not aware of the SEO unfriendly pages.  Also, thank you regarding the tips for rewriting the copy.  I appreciate it and will begin to rework it.  This is definitely what I need to hear.  I needed another set of eyes to view this site.  Have a great weekend.
  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    Actually, I meant the Yahoo Sitebuilder program; not sure that is the same as Yahoo Small Business.
  • vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    Also, try to keep the size and type of fonts more consistant through out a page and the web site.
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