Work-life balance Struggle

DeanGDeanG subscriber Posts: 2 Member

Hi All. I run a few businesses and I have a question about time management and work-life balance.

How do those of you that are single manage to work long hours but still find time to go out on dates and catch up with friends?


  • brainsomebrainsome subscriber Posts: 1 Member

    That's a painful one :) From what I've been reading recently, there are two options, depending on how your businesses work. In Organised mind by Daniel Levitin, he says you should get a good assistant to plan life for you and, hopefully, delegate away some of work to free you up. And then there's all the "deep focus" school (Cal Newport) that says that if you manage to focus better and prioritise what really matters, you can do even better with doing less.

    Oh, and about dating stuff: a rare lady likes her guy busy all the time, so it's really useful to ease the workload, at least a bit (even if I'm doing exactly the opposite now - doing after hours :)

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