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Three Necessities for Store Activities

KiKiiiKiKiii subscriber Posts: 9 Member

We often see stores holding activities, the purpose is to attract customers to buy in the store, in order to increase the turnover, to make profits, so activities are almost one of the operation plans of every store, so the necessity of holding activities is very strong, please read below.

[1] Don't do frequent activities -- the store activities do more, customers will not feel fresh, the old saying goes that rare things are expensive, so once the frequency of activities is too high, then after the end of the activity, the customer flow is lost faster, we do not gain, so the number of activities should be measured.

[2] Do not hold formal activities - for customers, now pay attention to the value behind the product, similarly, to participate in the activity is to see the sincerity of the store, that is, the reality, otherwise it will greatly reduce the customer satisfaction with our store, which will reduce the reputation, so the activity must be real.

[3] Do not hold activities without preparation - the overall process of opening activities must have, even a very simple operation should also consider the occurrence of special circumstances, can not be careless, not ready to hold activities, so the risk is too large, not only affect the activity itself, but also affect the later development of the store.

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