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Opening A Store And Be Your Own Boss

KiKiiiKiKiii subscriber Posts: 9 Member

Opening a shop is the coexistence of risk and income, we want to reduce the risk, reap the benefits, but it is not easy, so we need to be cautious and careful, not only to investigate the market, but also the overall idea of operation, here summarizes the following three points for attention.

[1] Don't be blind -- don't blindly follow the trend, don't blindly choose projects, do everything carefully, especially when starting a business, the wind is not always good, it is necessary to have a thorough analysis of consumer groups, such as the overall consumption level of the region.

[2] Store name - a good store name can make people impressed, and increase repeat customers, take the store must pay attention to concise and clear so that people know what we do at a glance, do not name some new words.

[3] Design to meet the characteristics of the store - shop business, decoration design is directly related to the impression of consumers on the store, so in the design, must be based on the characteristics of their own products, in addition to keep the store overall health clean, fresh air, so it will give customers a good impression.

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