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How to choose an ideal locution for your business?

KiKiiiKiKiii subscriber Posts: 9 Member

1. Proximity to transportation hubs

The transportation hub does not refer to the transportation hub of the long-distance bus station and the city bus, but the city itself. At least there must be a high-speed rail and an airport at the same time, preferably the departure station or hub of a high-speed rail, and the airport is also preferably an international airport. The characteristic of technology entrepreneurship is that the role of people is very important, and a place with inconvenient transportation cannot attract talents.

2. More than one science and engineering university

Tech entrepreneurship is all about people, to repeat. Proximity to the university means there are plenty of opportunities for talent and partner selection.

3. Proximity to advanced manufacturing centers

Advanced manufacturing centers are very important for starting a business, because a product requires a lot of communication between design and manufacturing departments. If the resident personnel are far away from the company headquarters, the labor cost and the convenience of recruitment will constitute a greater obstacle.

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