How to get my website to top within 1 Month

I have a website 60 days old but i cant see my pages with common keywords. DA and PA are low now. Website url:

Any advice to get this site to top and will advertising helps to get to top ? Can i use bot traffic ?


  • iteratemateiteratemate subscriber Posts: 1 Member

    Hi Yoglica,

    There are a few different techniques you can use. Some are paid and some are free. Using common key words does not guarantee your page will go to the top of Google's search results.

    You can improve your (Search Engine Optimisation) SEO through a few different methods. It takes a bit of research but totally free and you can even do this yourself to save on costs.

    Advertising of course is just a direct way to get people to your site. Again there are paid options and also free ways to do this. Digital marketers can guarantee you ROI but you need to pay obviously.

    You can post your adds to through Google Adds which is paid too. Bot traffic I heard can work in some circumstances but doesnt guarantee you will be found on Google.

    I looked at your website and its pretty good. I think you have targeted a niche market so if I was you I would be linking your website URL to other pages to do with spiritualism and in turn offer those pages you will do the same for them. Good way to market yourself and also help someone else.

    Hope that helps and if you need further assistance please reach out and happy tp help :)


    Your Iterate Mate

  • yoglicayoglica subscriber Posts: 8 Member

    Thanks for your time and explanation. Will try to include those things.

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