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Need Help in Finding a Clothing Manufacturer

cdbartworkcdbartwork subscriber Posts: 11
edited May 2016 in Business Planning
I have found my supplier, I have the fabric, I have the designs now I need a manufacturer who can produce so the cost is attractive. I had a local seamstress make the first 3 pieces, which are my prototypes and it was quite expensive, now I need to go to the next level, any help?
Thank you.


  • cdbartworkcdbartwork subscriber Posts: 11
    Thank you, I will check into this.
  • cdbartworkcdbartwork subscriber Posts: 11
    What do you mean "deal in textiles?`
  • cdbartworkcdbartwork subscriber Posts: 11
    I do have the fabric required for sun safe clothing.
  • minimegeologyminimegeology subscriber Posts: 26
    You can also try Thomas Register.  www.thomasnet.com   You can enter a search for sewing or clothing manufacturer and it will list dozens of manufacturers with their contact information.  Try searching several different, but similar terms to make sure that you find everyone that could do this work for you.
  • shariksharik subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi I am here in Irvine Ca i have very good connections in third world if you are interested in T-shirts and hoodies pl contact me at [email protected]
  • kathleenfasanellakathleenfasanella subscriber Posts: 0
    I urge you to visit fashion-incubator.com. It`s the "Start Up Nation" for clothing manufacturers. There`s over 1400 entries discussing the ins and outs of starting a clothing line. At this point of your trajectory, I definitely do not recommend going off shore. Here`s a few reasons why:http://www.fashion-incubator.com/mt/arc ... rseas.html
  • TylerTyler subscriber Posts: 2
    Thomas.net is a good place to find almost anything, but if your looking for a company to manufacture the design that you have i would suggest This company if your looking for a quality clothing manufacturer based in the united states. This company has been featured in many magazines which is how i discovered this company.
  • kathleenfasanellakathleenfasanella subscriber Posts: 0
    Choices Apparel? Featured in many magazines? Where? When? Advertorial maybe. Based on the experience of visitors to my forum (a VERY long thread), I`d keep my distance. Unfortunately, it`s a private forum (one reason you join private groups is for inside information). 
    Conveniently enough tho, Michael (the owner) astroturfed my blog, pretending to be someone named "Lou". That sparked a lot of public comments on the veracity of his company, none of it good. You can find those comments in public here.
    You can also look them up in the BBB. They only have a B rating (ratings descend from AAA, AA, A, BBB, BB, etc) so a B isn`t as good as a B on a test would be.  They  have had complaints filed against them that they haven`t even responded to. So, that should say a lot right there. Tyler, you got lucky if you were happy. Everyone, regardless of who you hire, should do due diligence. Compared other contractors, he charges a fortune. I suppose if you`re new and don`t know what is standard, he`s a great choice.
  • renaemailrenaemail subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi there! I`m new to this community but wanted to chime in here to say - the post above from Kathleen Fasanella is the author of a MUST HAVE book for anyone considering clothing manufacturing, The Entrepreneur`s Guide to Sewn Product Manufacturing is the name and I got it on Amazon. This book was the catalst for launching my business and not your typical boring how to book, but rather a unique approach by the author to make you feel as though she is right there with you - consulting you. Kathleen isn`t one to toot her own horn, so I`ll do it for her. This is her book that you can get on Amazon (note the 42 reviews with 5 stars). http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/096632 ... roduct_top . There is also a public blog and a private forum (very active, by the way). This community has been priceless for me as a newbie to clothing manufacturing and unlike any forums I`ve ever been a part of.
    Anyway, I just wanted to chime in and say I have personal experience with Choices Apparel. If you want honest, ethical service providers - stay clear of this company. Oh, and I am not alone - since my experience I have personally talked to or heard about many others. My situation is not over, let`s just say small claims court will be in our future. One bad review, OK anything can happen, but when you hear the bad over and over from people all over the US - stay clear. I sure wish someone would have warned me. The best way to find a service provider or sewing contractor is from a referral from a someone who has personal experience with the contractor. Check references and don`t believe slick sales tactics and promises that sound too good to be true - do your own homework.
    renaemail7/13/2008 6:57 PM
  • TylerTyler subscriber Posts: 2
     I ran across the compay in a couple articles. Im sorry i didnt cite my sources. But i can get this for you send me a message and well discuss it.
    Tyler7/14/2008 5:08 PM
  • GustavoGustavo subscriber Posts: 8 Member

    You can go with Ossis Sublimation, is a leading sublimated clothing manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor in USA, AU, UK, Canada... http://www.oasissublimation.com/
  • fashionestaukfashionestauk subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    Why not you are trying Alanic Wholesale? They are the best around NYC
  • YourRetailCoachYourRetailCoach subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member

    Search with a lot of sewing or clothing manufacturer online and you will get loads of manufacturers with their contact information. You will also see more than 1000 entries discussing the benefits and losses of starting a clothing line.

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