Brutal Self-Assessment After First Four Months

colinhowecolinhowe subscriber Posts: 2
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So... I`ve now had four months starting up and have finally taken the time to reflect on what I could have done better. There`s probably some useful stuff in here for anyone else taking the plunge so thought I`d share rather than hoard it! ... a-startup/
Hope it helps someone!


  • colinhowecolinhowe subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for the feedback guys! I`m feeling on top of the world now! (follow up blog post)
    Stan, we`ve very much hit that point! Unfortunately it`s more the CEO being the one who doesn`t want to get it out there for fear of failure. We`ve stuck a date in the ground now though and we`re going for it! 1st July so not long now!
    Legx3, I was where you were a few months ago - working full-time and doing a startup as well... Boy is it tiring! Good luck!
    Craig, great response It`s true, we`ve all got too much belief that failure is a bad thing. Got to stick to my old motto more - "You`ve only failed if you didn`t learn from it"
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