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Difficulty creating a Business/Marketing Plan?

ColDaw2ColDaw2 subscriber Posts: 1
edited December 2012 in Business Planning
Hi guys, I have been running my own business for about 8 years now, and I was just thinking back to when I was first starting up and I had to create my own Business Plan and Marketing Plan etc. And these were very time consuming and difficult to create from scratch. I think we will all agree that an effective Business Markting Plan is an integral part to the success of a business. I have recently opened a second business, and instead of going through all that fuss of creating those plans from scratch, I have been using a free online planning tool, which offers guidance, examples and resources whilst guiding you step by step through the plan. It asked me questions that I would have never have thought of by myself. And to top it all off, it configures all the inputted data and forms it into a very attractive and well formed report at the end. I am just writing this post to let any of you out there on this forum that is seeking help on creating a plan or thinking of creating one from scratch in the near future, this online planning tool is awesome. It offers such planning tools as, Business Plans, Marketing Plans, Event Plans, Project Plans, Product/Service Blueprints and even Creative Briefs. I really recommend you think about using this online tool, it saved me loads of time. The URL is: www.plananything.com Hope this helps any of you!!


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