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ML LligeML Llige subscriber Posts: 2 Member
edited April 2022 in Business Planning

I'm developing a course/kit that teaches parents how to help their 4-7-year-olds about jobs, money, and being socially responsible.

I'm hoping to get help and advice from this community. I'm also hoping that I can share my knowledge and experience with others. (My wife and I used to run a design and printing business for about 20 years.)

I could write a bit of a long story here, but that would bore the pants off anyone, so here's the short story.

Our printing business failed after the Global Financial Crisis.

We nearly lost everything but we survived by toughing it out. I'm pretty sure we were living below the poverty line for years.

We met others in similar situations (often worse).

We spent tens of thousands of dollars on courses, getting advice from business specialists, reading books, etc. to try to dig ourselves out of our hole.

It didn't work. We were in too deep.

Now, I want to stop others from suffering the same fate, so I thought a good way to do this was by teaching kids about money, jobs, business, and being socially responsible.

Why kids? Because they'll imprint the lessons in their minds. They'll make smarter decisions when they're faced with problems.

I hope that I can use this offering to make some money instead of losing it this time around.

My first challenge is to find out where my customers hang out online. I need to ask them to test parts of my course. Can someone please let me know the best place to post this question?

I've read the community guidelines and am happy to abide by them.

Thanks to you for any help you can offer.


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    ML LligeML Llige subscriber Posts: 2 Member

    By the way, testing parts of my course is how I intend to develop my minimum viable product.

    The course consists of:

    • a big picture (2 x 2 metres)

    • 1 activity book

    • 1 theory book

    • a collection of printable puppets, goal charts, games, and activity sheets

    Okay. I'll stop now. 😁

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