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[Wanted] - Review New Music Promote & Chicago Music Promotions

ChicagoMusicChicagoMusic subscriber Posts: 3
edited October 2008 in Website Critique
Please check out the following Music Sites and let me know what you think they both have the same template so to speak except some of its diffrent in layout and options. I am going to be adding a youtube sidebar to the talent profile pages soon so the talent can add their youtube videos to there profile page IF they do not add any urls the new Div box will not show up on the profile page. Also i am going to tweek the CSS some more one of these days and have a new banner made for the new music promote site.
Main Network


New Network


ChicagoMusic10/1/2008 4:36 PM


  • ChicagoMusicChicagoMusic subscriber Posts: 3
    Dear Craig,
    To answer some of your feedback here you go.
    Membership Registration
    Actually you dont have to register to do things on the network, Unless your trying to email them and or download files since IF you like that artist or djay i want everyone to register and add them as a friend on the system. However streaming audio and doing things on the network you dont have to be logged in.
    Blogs, Forums and Other Things
    As for the lil thread things you seen on the left bottom side basically thats the "general" forums for the website mostly (admin section) each talent has their own Forums in their Profile Page. There is alot of things that are not in the website that is available but the problem is i have too much content so i needed to weed some things out of the template.
    Where do i want consumers to go?
    Basically mostly the people who come to my site they know where they are going already since its mostly booking agents, talent managers, news companys and so fourth who are wanting to check out Artists or Club Djs on the system so in the navigation system you have links where it says Artists, Club Djays,  Charts, Downloads, Live Events, Radio Stations Etc. I would suggest starting with Downloads or Charts and listen to some of the music in them sections also there is flash buttons where you can download and purchase mp3s if you want.
    Content Text Fonts, Colors and Quality
    Yeah i been trying to deal with that actually and play with the CSS file its a pain in the ass but i am getting around to it since there is alot of div tags in the tpl file that has to be edited manually as well for the CSS file to respond to what i want.
    Here is some Example Things as well

    Dj Hosea


    Example Digital Store on Music Page

    http://www.chicagomusicpromotions.com/m ... /store.php

    Once his profile loads up right side below his ranking area you will see a flash mp3 player press play to start the media also you can look on his music page and there is also flash buttons to the right of each song listing with options. basically each talent or dj can do multipul things for their profile page.
    Download Page and Buy Now Page and Streaming Page


    Music Charts Page

    http://www.chicagomusicpromotions.com/c ... gebreak=20

    ChicagoMusic10/2/2008 4:18 PM
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