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My first business, and first website, feedback much appreciated!

CodyCody subscriber Posts: 1
edited December 2008 in Website Critique

     Started the business this last January only using the website, and my garage.  The things i would like to hear feedback about is load times and site responsiveness, have the site running on a homemade LAMP server in the basement.


  • txteentxteen subscriber Posts: 0
    I like it. I would use p align justify on the text
  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member

    Well, the site is pretty sparse. That`s not bad; it actually can be a benefit. But it seems a bit "too" sparse, I think.

    I think that all you need to spice the home page is to put more header tags in your text.
    You should also put in more descriptive page titles.  "Home" doesn`t help your SEO much.  Not that search engines have a problem finding you in Montanna, but better SEO would get you to the first page of a search for "paintball montana".  The title of your home page should be: "Grizzly Paintball in Missoula, Montana offers the finest paintball rentals, service, and sales"
    Hope this helps...
  • jcwilde1jcwilde1 subscriber Posts: 2
    I think that the little dude with the shield brings down the page`s professionalism. It is pixelated and floating there in the middle. Maybe incorporate it into your header. I would also try to incorporate your tagline under you company name a bit better. You spent the time to find a unique font for your name but just through the tagline there in Arial.
    Other than that I would recommend getting on a server that is hosted in a secure location with a redundent connection. It should be cheap enough.
    Sorry if it sounds more negative than positive, but there isn`t much point in telling you all the things you did well.
  • CodyCody subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks everyone, really appreciate all the advice.  Fixed the typo, thanks for the heads up.  I am currently listed in the google business directory, and that`s helped a lot.  I`ve had trouble changing the page title with Joomla, but am working on it.  I agree with the header graphic, i just downloaded the trial of photoshop CS4 which should help with that, and also optimizing the pages with pictures like the prices page to load faster.  Again thanks for the advice!  
  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    You have a registration box on the left, but there is really no indication of what a membership offers .... if I sign up, what is the benefit to me?
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