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RE: I Need a Plan

cobaltcatwomancobaltcatwoman subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2008 in New Member Welcome
Hi everyone,
I have a Private Investigation agency and have been up and running since 2006.  I have also worked for attorneys for 10 years as a Legal Assistant/Paralegal in Family Law and Civil Litigation in S. Florida but I have just recently moved to Central Florida.  My challenge is determining who is my target market.  It seems the domestic market would be where I should focus because the bigger insurance companies all require a lot more liability insurance that I carry and more of a team of investigators.  In the past I have done locates for attorney`s witnesses, background investigations and records retrival, surveillance and interviews.  I am also considering integrating simple wills, divorces, and legal forms preparation as more of the bread and butter of the business since it has been my experience working for other small agencies that there is a long cycle on the work fluctuation.
I am blocked on what step to take next and could use some advice.
Glenda Kennedy, Owner
Cobalt Investigations, LLC
(954) 865-7478
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