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Business Idea. Looking for feedback!

AtomsAtoms subscriber Posts: 1 Member

Hey everybody!

Im in the early process of business planning, and I require some feedback from the outside world! Im looking for constructive criticism, pros, cons and pitfalls I may not see yet!

Here the idea...

An Engineering consultant company specialized in water resources, hydraulics, and dam management.


               a. The company would provide engineering services regarding the collection, storage, control,    transport, regulation, measurement, and use of water. The company would also provide dam design, management, and inspection services.


               b. The principal market is private and public dam owners and operators, contractors that are developing new residential neighborhoods, municipalities, farms, industries, other engineering companies, and everybody else that require some sort of water management.


               c. This business would be successful for the following reasons:

                               1. It is a rare, difficult, and sought-after expertise.

                               2. Because of reason number 1, it is very expensive to train/hire hydraulic engineers.

                               3. Cities and provinces have an old crumbling water management infrastructure that requires tons of money to fix.

                               4. As environmental regulations are getting stricter, industries and cities need to invest in proper wastewater management.

                               5. The housing boom is making developers build at a very pace. They need specialized engineers to design proper drainage, sewers, and water connections.

                               6. The cost of start-up are minimal.

Thank you for your time!

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