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What are the best sites recomended for quality linkbuilding?

Victoria_89Victoria_89 subscriber Posts: 1 Member

Hey all, looking for a help in this area.


  • kennethdal25kennethdal25 subscriber Posts: 2 Member

    This question cannot be answered unequivocally. Sites should be related to your business at least indirectly. These can be guest posts on blogs, news sites, active discussion on forums. Such sites should have a sufficient amount of traffic and a good rating, then link building will be effective. good luck to you!

  • DeclanlawtonDeclanlawton subscriber Posts: 12 Bronze Level Member

    That's right. You should always look for quality & relevancy while searching sites for link-building.

  • Джессика ДжонсДжессика Джонс subscriber Posts: 6 Member

    I am interested in this topic. 

    There is an opinion on this subject that many SEO-specialists obsess over link building and forget that the site's ranking in search results increases not only by improving the link profile. Visibility is strongly influenced by the quality of project optimization. 

    At the top of the sometimes poorly optimized pages can be found, but these are exceptions to the rule. There is no point in spending $ 5,000 on links, if the site takes 10 seconds to load, or it has a lot of duplicates in the meta tags. 

  • brandwizzbrandwizz subscriber Posts: 5 Member

    Yes, I agree.

    If your focus is only on to creating a backlink then no use of that. Along with the link building website optimization is must have been done. And the main thing, why an end-user will come and stay at your website?

    So, your website must have such content that user wants to get.

  • StodawStodaw subscriber Posts: 12 Bronze Level Member

    One of the top ten most essential Google ranking variables is backlinks, which are incoming hyperlinks from other websites to yours. However, while SEO specialists used to aim to obtain as many backlinks as possible in order to improve search rankings, this is no longer the best strategy. Quality counts when it comes to backlinks. Here's how to build a strong backlink profile.Produce interesting and valuable content. The greatest strategy to gain high-quality backlinks is to provide useful content that attracts connections from other websites eager to share it with their users.

    Find good prospects for linking and ask them to do so. Examine your competitors' websites to see what sites are linked to theirs.SEMrush is a fantastic place to start because it allows you to plug in a competitor's URL and see where all of their backlinks come from. Ask those site owners, as well as other online authority and influencers in your sector, to link to your site once you've developed exceptional content.

    Look for domains with high authority. Backlinks from domains with the.edu suffix are thought to be given extra search ranking significance because that extension can only be used by institutionally certified U.S. post-secondary educational organisations. High-authority connections can also be found on government domains (.gov).

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