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Playful Aesthetic Crypto Stock-trading platform (Concept)

PalooPaloo subscriber Posts: 1 Member

I came up with this random app idea and need a small community test. It would essentially be like Robinhood but the UI would be even more playful. Studies reveal playful GUI results in more interactivity and payment from consumers. The platform would be AI-based. The less money you have, the more available stocks will be.

The difference is that enterprises and startups can set up accounts for free and just require a payment account to funnel money in and out. Users would be able to buy stocks together like a system like how they would split the price and profits. You can enter controlled lotteries, swipe cards, text and voice chat like Clubhouse.

Another feature is kind of a concept but something I'm calling "Terminology Redifinement". Basically what I'm saying is that we would redefine some stock-trading terminology based on the mind of a let's say 10 year old. For instance, Interest in this concept could be cashback that grows over time the more you spend, but you don't know how much you have of it, until the end of the month.

We'd use a Lolli-like system so that you earn rewards as well as the Honey API or our own version. All currencies can be used, because this is a new stock exchange, we can combine modern features like cloud build and serverless for better integration. The central currency would be crypto we'll just call Gold. We'll store thousands of dollars in a database and have users buy Gold, then a fraction of that database will be given to them, depositing $$$ into their account. The database is fueled by consumer subscriptions and investment accounts as well as other stuff.

This way it's less likely to lose all its value. We'd also add deep AI analytics for startups and enterprises as well as a "Crypto Card" with automatic AI coupon savings, cashback, and more.

Please reply if this concept is valid and how it could be improved.


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