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Online class platforms

JennyJ21JennyJ21 subscriber Posts: 2 Member

I have a couple of questions about starting my business, that I will list at the end of this post. Here's a little information about what I envision the business to be.

I would like to create an online store. This business would sell honey and items made from bee's wax such as candles, bees wax wraps, and soaps. Products would be made from wax and honey that have been extracted from hives owned by us. It would also be a place for other beekeepers to purchase bee keeping supplies such as protective suits and gloves, hive tools, hives, and bee packages. There will also be a physical store front that will provide the same products plus a “rent a hive” service where the customer can rent a beehive that an employee will set up on the customers property and do regular maintenance. The target market for this specific service would be farmers who would like to have more pollinators for their crops but do not have the time to provide the maintenance a beehive needs. Customers will be able to register for classes in person or online to learn the benefits of keeping bees on their property and bee keeping skills such as how to set up a hive, how to extract honey, and beehive maintenance. I believe that this business would be successful because it provides a product that is natural and beneficial to the environment. We are also encouraging others to try bee keeping by selling supplies and providing them with support through demonstrations to begin their own bee keeping journey.

Question #1 - What platforms do you suggest for hosting online classes.

Question #2 - Do you find selling through platforms such as Etsy more successful than using your own domain name?

Any and all advice is welcomed!

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