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Why many fail in the e-commerce world

guyserges guyserges subscriber Posts: 1 Member
edited October 2021 in Marketing

After losing on my first endeavor online I was crashed. I did everything but nothing worked as anyone felt the same here?


  • brandwizzbrandwizz subscriber Posts: 5 Member

    For e-commerce business you need to first analyze or try to know about the segment status in which you are doing business.

    I mean how popular is the business segment in digital or on online platforms if not then why.

    Many startup failed because of the poor management and some of them fail because they didn't vocal about their businesses or didn't teach people about their business and services.

  • Ann87Ann87 subscriber Posts: 3 Member

    Well, at first sight, ecommerce sphere seems to be easy to conquer, but in most cases it turns out to be quite the opposite. There's no some magic product that everyone will want to buy. There are tons of gurus out there, but no one will actually teach you how to become a millionaire. And it's even more complicated when it comes to platforms.

    I often see cases where the authors tell why their business failed. Try to find similar articles on the net and read them - they are all completely different, but the reasons most often converge - lack of investment and poor analytics.

  • StodawStodaw subscriber Posts: 12 Bronze Level Member

    Ecommerce startups fail due to poor design. Customers will not buy from an ecommerce site that is poorly designed. Isn't it straightforward? It's easy to say, but designing is difficult. When your site is included, failing to partner with a fantastic design business will only increase the failure rate.

    Customers are irritated by an ecommerce site with a poor checkout process.Free shipping turns 40 percent of customers away. This is only one example of what might go wrong at the checkout counter. Ecommerce websites have an average cart abandonment rate of 68.8%. Incorrect checkout results in a significant loss of money.

  • davidsmith2108davidsmith2108 subscriber Posts: 21 Bronze Level Member

    Ecommerce is a very vast business that needs to handle with experience and patience. It takes a whole lot of team to make your business successful. Such as logistics team, shipping team, warehouse team, Marketing team etc. Marketing is a very essential factor these days that helps you to reach to your desired audience. Everybody in the business cannot nail all these factors. Hence many fail in the ecommerce world.

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