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Unique UK tech looking for collaboration

I am Founder of a small team startup with tech developed over the last 4 years - NGramdata.

We scan around 4 million smaller local UK websites every 24 hours...log all the text that has changed and feed around 3000 feeds per day around events, festivals, projects, acquisitions, research, marketing leads, brand positioning, corporate news, product launches, business planning, management changes, tenders won, export initiatives, discounts and deals in real-time to a TCP/IP linked user-interface feeder app.

Is there anybody who can maybe make use of this in a collaborative way ? We are willing to even supply feeds for free - looking for innovative/profitable ways to apply the tech.

Currently our research shows this app to be unique in the UK (at least). We can quickly and easily expand the feeds internationally to cover any English speaking country if need be.



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    fdcapitalfdcapital subscriber Posts: 4 Member

    How do you address copywrite issues? So for example if a site doesn't want its posts shared?

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    Carl NGramdataCarl NGramdata subscriber Posts: 2 Member

    We fully adhere to robots.txt protocol. We push a minimal character count (max 100) from any website and strictly limit text to the immediate changed/updated text. Our push is deficient in character quantity to force users to click through and visit promoted sites. This protects eyeball/advertising interests and - because we focus on local sites that normally do not hit Google page 1 search results on any Google search - upends the Google model a bit of repetitively returning generally large/well-known/heavily visited sites. We try and provide a free advertising/promotion channel to small, active upcoming sites with possibly exciting new content.

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    passivexppassivexp subscriber Posts: 1 Member

    Would like to have a better understanding before diving in. What can you share?

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