Project Management Skills for Entrepreneurs

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 Hi all,

Today my feed for google news showed up with an article about entrepreneurship and some of the benefits of project management and starting career in it. I'm currently in school for project management, and I use it every day in my job. I thought it would be interesting to have the community comment on how you use project management skills in your businesses. I'd love to hear from anyone who uses project management in their business models or as an integral part of the business.

 Thank you!


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    That's a great question! The best project managers rise through hardwork, perseverance and dedication. We utilise our project management skills to manage deadlines, gather more insights from the data, make brilliant decisions, streamline the process and ensure customer satisfaction.

    To help them focus more on their tasks, we need a project management system. Solutions such as SAP EPPM has helped businesses scale up in size. From portfolio manager to project manager, everybody can benefit from it.

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    I use it mostly for time management and task assignment in my job. I set time, durations and goals for each of task that I should finish.

  • Unichrone_TrainingUnichrone_Training subscriber Posts: 4 Member

    Thanks all for the valuable inputs.

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