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LinkedIn Spamming

davis9263davis9263 subscriber Posts: 14 Bronze Level Member

How do People Spam with LinkedIn automation tools?


  • jamesparkerjamesparker subscriber Posts: 23 Bronze Level Member

    If you’re a B2B marketer who uses social media platforms, especially LinkedIn, you should know the etiquette of using this platform. Do not send unwanted promotional messages, links, or sales-y pitches that people reject right away. 

    LinkedIn has also introduced “New Weekly Invitation Limits” to control the activity of spammers. According to these new restrictions, users cannot send more than 100 invites per week. 

    According to LinkedIn, the purpose of new restrictions is that people don’t send invites and messages to prospects blindly. Instead, they understand them properly and send them personalized messages.

  • IaroslavIaroslav subscriber Posts: 3 Member

    A regular LinkedIn automation is capable of collecting profiles from LI search and from other places on LinkedIn e.g. from groups

    Roughly speaking, You collect profiles from LI to a campaign or a list, usually their profile links and names are collected. And then in the automation you define what it will do with profiles: invite, message etc., it depends on automation functionality.

    Under the hood automations can work differently: some just use Linkedin API and inject code into a web-page, some are clicking buttons in a browser like if you would do that manually, the latter way is good for safety of a LinkedIn account

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