i want business partners?

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i have new ideas that are not being implemented yet i want partners and investors to make them real as an idea owner i will only take 10% the simplest idea here is shopster

1- M-lex

a netflix like platform with many new features.

Feature 1: providing game walkthroughs by the game devs to each game goes out.

Feature 2: providing theater movies by each country for sale one time view in the platform at the time its performed.

Feature 3: add manga and comic books stream readed by a voice reads the highlighted words of the manga.

Feature 4: make a store to buy tv shows, movies, documentaries, anime, manga and comic books for all created pieces in history, by each country.

Feature 5: make an elective system that allows users to elect and contribute suggestions of movies, anime, tv shows for the platform and m-lex creates one each 1/4 year.

Feature 6: add choosable censorship to nudity, bad words and blood

Feature 7: m-lex tv, which plays random content from the library after each other 

2- C-lex

c is for academy, where the subscribers watch videos of full colleges in the monthly rented service, no degrees given but each college is taken from the best university,

3- B-lex

b is for library, where there 3 categories, 1 library store for buying books and video debates, 2 library for rent where you rent a full library monthly and show the books, 3 debate videos from the elite, the one and his opposite, argument and who is right.

4- Shopster

Its simple but nice, the idea is selling products but not like alibaba categorized by product, its categoriesed by shops and brands you open the brand shop you find all his products there, and there is two types of shops brands and individuals shops.

Its a much better categorization and it gives ability to buy products from international brands in other countries with worldwide shipping.

5- X-competition

Is a 3 layered competition, that allows any gamer to join in the first layer within a two choices team or solo then collect points from online gameplay, second layer is the ones who collected the right amount of points and the online matching is only between the ones who reached the 2nd layer, 3rd layer is for the last competition layer between professionals and there is a reward for the top 5 competitors.

6- Gaming consoles

A simple nintendo switch size screen that shows beside gaming m-lex library its perfect for outside m-lex usage and add download content for the outside usage.

A simple mobile phone like screen with buttons like gameboy for indie games.

7- Parallel realms

for 3d art viewing where every game dev can upload his game art there and sell it as art not gameplay, its like a cam moving in the map of 3d artistic environment, and there's clothes and movement patterns in red or grey figures, there is as well items

8- Word artists

Is a website for words art, stories, poems, and qoutes, the qoutes and poetry are able to be translated by the users in to another language with the same high value of words of the other language.

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