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mutual funds

DevikaManiDevikaMani subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member

How can I compare mutual funds in India?


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    sdarshanasdarshana subscriber Posts: 1 Member

    A mutual fund is a sort of investment thing where the assets of numerous investors are pooled into a venture item. Choosing a mutual fund might appear to be an overwhelming assignment, yet doing a little research and understanding your targets makes it simpler. If you complete this due perseverance before choosing an asset, you'll increment your odds of progress.

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    BrackwomBrackwom subscriber Posts: 39 Bronze Level Member


    Can you elaborate more about mutual funds where to start & how much amount is best for investing or what precautions we have to take, can you give a summary of mutual funds?

    Thanks in advance.

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    tarunguptatarungupta subscriber Posts: 1 Member

    Different mutual fund schemes have a strategy that is set from the New Fund Offer (NFO). Once the strategy is decided, the fund investment follows along with the strategy. Before investing in Mutual funds, you must educate yourself about what type of Mutual fund you should choose — It could be an equity fund, debt fund or hybrid fund. Each fund has different returns as well as risks. As you must be aware, mutual funds are managed and monitored by the experienced fund manager—their constant research and strategy help investors' earn tremendous returns from their investments.

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