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Using Your SaaS Social Media Marketing Strategy For Customer Acquisition

hanna.barabakhhanna.barabakh subscriber Posts: 9 Member

With 3.78 billion users worldwide in 2021, social media is ubiquitous and part of our everyday lives. Over the past few years, it’s changed the marketing game across all industries. So, it’s no wonder that the way brands communicate with their customers has changed too.

Social media isn’t going anywhere. As a result, incorporating the relevant platforms into your Software-as-a-Service marketing strategy isn’t just an option but a necessity.

At PayPro Global, we recognized that learning to leverage social media is of utmost importance to thrive in the SaaS space, and compiled the ins and outs of a successful social media strategy, which you can find on our blog.

What are your social media tactics for SaaS marketing strategy? Let me know below, and let's discuss!


  • dandy2902dandy2902 subscriber Posts: 26 Bronze Level Member

    How does it work actually?

  • hanna.barabakhhanna.barabakh subscriber Posts: 9 Member

    Social media in SaaS can be used in a variety of ways, for example, for market research. You can use social media tools to:

    1. Find Your Target Audience - Try joining groups, meetups, or online discussions on platforms that relate to your product or niche. By paying attention to the problems users discuss and the questions they ask, you’ll be able to see whether potential customers exist in these circles.
    • Better Understand Your Market - Gone are the days where businesses had to invest in expensive surveys or polls to learn about their audiences. With social media, you have the option of tapping into conversations to really get to know your market. It’s also easy to run free polls. What you learn might be very useful as the nature of social media encourages unsolicited opinions. Users are more candid with their thoughts and responses, which could translate into learning more about how the current market is serving its customers.
    • Learn About Your Competition - Understanding your competition is imperative to SaaS marketing and product success. Social media helps you learn about your competitors as you can discover how your target audience speaks about their brands. You’ll be able to compare your product to theirs, highlight what makes it unique, and learn where the gaps are.

    And it is just a tiny bit of the power social media holds for SaaS. On our PayProGlobal's blog, you can find more actionable social media tips for your company, please feel free to check them out!

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