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Serial Entrepreneur & Failure Expert turned Entrepreneurs' Therapist

phxtherapy.euphxtherapy.eu subscriber Posts: 1 Member

Hi to all the amazing leaders here ❤

Alongside being a Transformational Hypnotherapist & Trauma Therapist, I'm a serial entrepreneur (e-commerce, social impact biz, wholesale food sector), business mentor, philanthropist, thought leader, mom and author tb, which puts me in the perfect position to relate to the profound responsibility and diverse challenges of professional leaders.

My Phoenix Therapy approach is for leaders who NEED and WANT fast and effective results, unblocking their unique issues holding them back in business, life and love.

Phoenix Therapy combines the best of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). This innovative hybrid form of therapy provides a comprehensive solution based approach that achieves effective results much faster than traditional therapies.

Forget the old approach of weekly therapy & long coaching structures for lasting transformation! To eliminate & neutralize the root cause of any issue, we only need to rewire your subconscious belief system once.

When you've already hired the best coaches, consultants and strategic partners, BUT are still struggling with what seems like an invisible block holding you back... THAT's when entrepreneurs typically come see me!

Ready for rapid shifts?

More on the Specific Areas of Expertise if you're ready to heal your deepest blocks:


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